Idiot or Awesome? Knicks Sign ‘Retired’ Rasheed Wallace

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By now you’ve heard about the Knicks luring Rasheed Wallace out of retirement. And if you haven’t, congratulations on not buying into the hype the Knicks regularly sell to NBA fans. We’re not ones to bash ‘Sheed. In fact, we’re huge fans of the trash-talking, board-crashing power forward who helped Detroit win a title in 2004. However, that was then. This is now. What is James Dolan and Knicks’ management thinking with this latest move?


Sheed is 38 years old. Combined with the Knicks’ other free agent signings of Jason Kidd, Marcus Camby and Kurt Thomas they are officially the League’s oldest team…in history. Good luck spelling your starters’ minutes with a group of geezers off the bench. Amongst all of them, Sheed might be the most ill fitting, too. In his last season with the Celtics (which was 2010, by the way) he could barely get up and down the floor. He averaged four rebounds and nine PPG for the season, way below his career averages. For a team with a bloated payroll and injury-prone superstars this signing just didn’t make a whole lot of sense. Maybe it’s to sell tickets? Maybe it was to intimidate opponents (Sheed practically made the technical foul an art form in his better days)? Or maybe the Knicks just needed somebody to make Amare look better than he really is?


We mentioned Sheed’s trash talking earlier. It cannot be denied. This guy is definitely a clown prince of the NBA–somewhat of a cross between Biz Markie and Dennis Rodman. The Knicks are in Win Now Mode, too. With Sheed, they get a veteran’s experience…a vet who has a ring and has been to the playoffs countless times. Winning is winning. If Sheed gives the Knicks any sort of edge, regardless if he hasn’t played a minute of basketball, yet, then consider this a good signing. At the veteran’s minimum of a little over a-million bucks, he could prove to be a steal. Of course, that’s if he gets in shape and makes the roster.

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