7 Bro-Nerds You Should Stick Up For

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Over the years we’ve watched the line between cool and nerdy get severely blurred. From the rifle-blasting, Hawaiian shirt-wearing journalism of Hunter S. Thompson to the geeked-out, post game news conferences of the Oklahoma City Thunder, it’s becoming more obvious that nerds are not to be pushed around. Below, we’ve listed seven nerds that could easily be bros if it weren’t for their meek body frames and oddball origins. Stick up for these guys when they’re being trashed because there’s a good chance they’ve done something dope enough to pass along to your friends.


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We’re not too sure what to make of this dubstep stuff. Like it or not, though, it is here and folks seem to enjoy it. Maybe it is this generation’s punk rock/hip-hop or maybe it’s the new disco? Regardless, Skrillex is leading the way. Grammy-nominated and now a commercial success, this guy deserves to be fist-bumped instead of shoved into a locker.

John Clayton

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If you watch football you know this guy is The Professor. On too many occasions this guy has single-handedly saved our Sundays with his spot-on picks. Amongst former jocks and broadcasting school grads, Clayton holds his own. His shining moment may have been his spot for SportsCenter. After all, he didn’t choose the Dweeb Life…it chose him.

Donald Glover

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Hmmm…what can we say about Donald Glover? He started out in sketch comedy, eventually shooting the movie “Mystery Team.” He co-starred on “Community” as Troy, the jock. He was the subject of a vast Internet rumor that had him as the next Spider-Man. He is also known as Childish Gambino, his hip-hop moniker, and has released two full-length albums. So, um, yeah…don’t mess with this dude.

Quentin Tarantino

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If you’ve seen a Tarantino movie you know what this guy brings to the table: blood, blood, psychopaths, sick tunes from the ’70s, blood, heroes that are just as twisted as the villains, blood, guns, crime, drugs, and blood. Not bad for a guy who went from being a geek employee at a video store to an Oscar-nominated director.

Pharell Williams

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Writer, producer, performer–you name it, Pharell’s done it. Between The Neptunes and N.E.R.D. he’s a Grammy winner as well as one of the most sought-after dudes in the biz. Considering he’s a self-proclaimed Trekkie amongst the hardcore thug scene of hip-hop we gotta give him props for sticking to his guns, even if they are the mega-dorky laser shooters used in science fiction flicks.

Spike Lee

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Perhaps no one has done more in tackling race in cinema than Spike Lee. At first glance, you’d think this guy was someone who lives in his Mom’s basement and watches “Saved by the Bell” reruns all morning. One look at his resume, though, and you’ll see groundbreaking movies like “Do The Right Thing” and “Malcolm X.” Bonus points for being one of the most vocal (and recognizable) Knicks fans at games. The dude is so dedicated to his team he even jawed with Reggie Miller from the sidelines during the playoffs back in the day.

Hugh Hefner

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Well into his 80’s, Hef is a geek all grown up and sitting atop his Playboy empire. He redefined style and was at the forefront of the sexual revolution at a time in America when saying the word “penis” would get you thrown in the slammer. It wasn’t always easy for Hef. As a lanky, awkward copywriter he struggled with his place in the world until finally scraping together enough money to buy a nude photo of Marilyn Monroe. Over the years he’s stood up to the government, feminists and gold-diggers. Hats off to you, Mr. Hefner.

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RG Daniels (@RGDaniels) is a comedian in Brooklyn, NY.