7 Videos Of News Reporters Getting Pranked

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The 24-hour news cycle has forever changed the way people consume news. People want information instantly, and networks rush to be the first to break a story. It’s also tough to find programming to fill that much time. There just isn’t enough news! So stations have to find something to put on television, which is probably why it’s so easy to pretend to be someone you’re not and land a guest spot on a show. There’s also the age old tradition of messing with a reporter in the field. Kind of cruel but also pretty funny. Check out some of the best news pranks we could find.

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Former Obama Supporter

The show “Fox and Friends” has been subjected to a few pranks over the years. Tell us, Max Rice, who just moved out of his parents home, why will you vote for Mitt Romney?

A Rise in Violent Criiiiiime

She’s on a deadline.

Just a Bunch of Friendly Street Performers

Thank you very much, Zach.

A Million Bucks By 30

Fox and Friends has had trouble vetting sources as far back as 2008. Alan Corey, the author of the book “A Million Bucks By 30,” sent his friend Andrew Wright to do an interview even though he had neither written nor read the book.

Kenny Strasser: The Prank And Yo-Yo Master

No list of news show pranks would be complete without a few clips of Kenny Strasser. Kenny has convinced several local television stations that he’s an official yo-yo champion who travels to school to teach kids about saving the environment through yo-yo tricks. In addition to being a yo-yo master, he claims he’s also a recovering drug and gambling addict who’s terrified of his father.

We learn a bit about Kenny’s past in this video. Apparently his father was very strict, and he is still scared of him to this day. He also gets pretty close to pulling off a cool yo-yo trick.

K-Strass shows off his rap skills and attempts the most amazing yo-yo trick you’ll ever see, The Blue Flying Angel.

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