President Obama’s Anger Translator May Be Out Of Work [Video]

Photo: Comedy Central

Obama got his swagger back at Tuesday’s Town Hall debate at Long Island’s Hofstra University after a dreadful, lifeless performance in the opener against Republican challenger Mitt Romney. An energized Obama went on the offensive, told Romney that a number of his charges were “just not true” and generally conducted himself in a fiery manner. While this is great news for Obama supporters, it’s a potentially devastating about-face for Obama’s Anger Translator, a well-dressed man named Luther.

Played by Keegan-Michael Key, one-half of Comedy Central’s sketch comedy duo “Key & Peele,” Luther has long assisted President Obama (Peele) in translating the anger underlying Obama’s placid statements and body language. Obama claims his administration has created five million jobs since he took office, but based on his temperament during the final presidential debate on Monday, we’ll find out if Luther is out of work. Check out the pair’s latest:

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