Five-Second Rule No Longer Applies

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Unfortunately, germs do not sit around patiently with a stopwatch waiting to cling to delicious foods that humans drop on the floor. Researchers at San Diego State University tested the beloved five-second rule and found that in the battle between germs and five seconds, germs win, because that’s ample time for microorganisms on floors and counter-tops to attach to edible items and ruin your lunch. “Five seconds is all it takes” said Dr. Scott Kelley, associate professor of biology at SDSU. The researchers tested the five-second theory with carrots, so at least there’s hope that more delicious things like pizza have the fortitude to ward off pathogens.

What does this mean for guys?

Great question. It depends. Many people (some of us included) figured the five-second rule was actually bogus but applied the rule because (1) it’s easier to pretend the rule is legit than to make or buy more food and (2) we’re reluctant to let silly germs interfere with the natural flow of a meal. But now science makes it a bit more difficult to let self-imposed ignorance allow us to eat the things that drop to the floor. So, it’s your call. Proceed and eat accordingly.

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Brett Smiley (@brettsmiley) will continue to use the five-second rule when it suits his desires.