Sexy Comic Con Babes Reveal Your Worst Pick-Up Lines

Since the powers that be introduced speed-dating to New York Comic Con it’s become widespread knowledge that geeks do in fact date. Ladies can chat up Batman, Darth Vader and Thor in five-minute intervals, then decide whose digits to snag to continue a relationship (or super one-night stand). Two episodes of TLC’s “Geek Love” showed the world that comic and video game nerds got game. Well… sometimes.

Guy Code Blog hit up New York Comic Con 2012 to get the scoop from the pretty ladies themselves about the pick-up lines guys use on them during the convention. Puns on cosplay outfits and shouts of “hot,” “sexy” and “nice tits” are the stereotypical norm, but some guys are too intimidated to even ask for a picture. As Wonder Woman points out, a few guys wouldn’t even put their hand around her waist during a photo. Click after the jump to see what pick-up lines, or general dialogue, to avoid at future Cons and see these sexy babes in full costume.

Harley Quinn

Keyana Young, New York
Pick-up line: “I guess I stole Joker’s girl. Ha ha ha ha ha.”

Wonder Woman

Nicole Marie Jean, New Hampshire
Lack of pick-up lines: “I usually don’t get pick-up lines. Mostly guys are very shy. They tend to not even put their arm around me. They do the hover hand. I get the guys that are afraid to talk to me.”

Black Cat

Jessica Foley, Virginia
Lack of pick-up lines: “Some guy said, ‘I make more money than your dad.’ It was just awkward and I have no idea what relevance it had to my character.”

L-R: X23, Storm, Emma Frost

Ama Davelez, Texas
Pick-up line: “Hey, I’m Wolverine. I’m your daddy.”

Bobbie Genus, Texas

Lack of pick-up lines: “I think I frighten most of them. They’re even afraid to ask for a picture sometimes.”

Allison Troesch, Ohio

Lack of pick-up lines: “Guys just call me Emma, but I want someone to call me the White Queen.”

Mad Moxxi

Ashley Riot, Illinois
Lack of pick-up lines: “I don’t even get pick-up lines anymore. They go straight past the pick-up lines and ask, ‘Are they real?’ And the answer is yes, they are completely real.”

Emma Frost

Intraventus, North Carolina
Lack of pick-up lines: “I just get a lot of butt pictures. People just want to take pictures of my butt.”


Envy, Aggressive Comics booth
Pick-up line: “Baby, I don’t want to startle you, but I’m secretly Batman.”

Little Red Riding Hood

Kim Graf, Zenescope booth
Pick-up line: “I eat the p****.”

Warrior Angel

Lauren Francesca, New York
Pick-up line: “Baby, can you fly over me?”

Captain America

Rebecca Montanez, New York
Pick-up line: “For being frozen for seventy years, you look amazing.”

Lara Croft

Crissy Teverini, New York
Pick-up line: “‘So, are you free later?’ But the guys ran away before I could answer.”

Sonya Blade

Amanda Bolin, Surreality and Carlations booths
Lack of pick-up lines: “My co-worker Caleb King overheard a horrible one. They ask you if you want a pizza and then they say, ‘The only pizza I want is a pizza that ass.’ But I haven’t heard many pick-up lines. It’s mostly dead silence and awkward pictures. They won’t even ask for the pictures.”

Dark Phoenix and Emma Frost

Jennifer Kateri, Iowa
Pick-up line: “Will you marry me?”

Nadya Anton, Mexico
Lack of pick-up lines: “A picture? Okay. A picture? Sure! If [they want more than a picture], I avoid them.”

Poison Ivy

Caitlin Hoben, New York
Pick-up line: “‘Can I have one of your poisonous kisses?’ I told him no. No free kisses.”

Freddy Krueger

Briana Torres, New York
Pick-up line: “I can’t wait to see you in my nightmare.”

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