Tonight Celebrate World Egg Day

Credit: Burchell/Getty Images

We’re sure you’re tired of hearing it by now but, Happy World Egg Day! Every second Friday in October the entire world celebrates the greatness that is the egg. You’ve probably spent most of the day trying to figure out which World Egg Day Party you’re going to. It can be pretty stressful. World Egg Day is a lot like New Year’s Eve in that regard. But just in case you haven’t finalized your plans yet, we’re here to help. Here are a few ways to make this World Egg Day the best one since 1996, the year World Egg Day was created.

Throw A Raw Egg Drinking Party

Some people say you can’t throw a good party without booze. Well those people haven’t been to an egg drinking party. Invite your friends and those cute girls who live across the hall to come over and drink raw eggs all night long. Just like Rocky did, except it’s at night and it’s a party. And don’t worry about salmonella. After a few raw eggs, you’ll either be making out with that cute girl or becoming the heavyweight champion of the world.

Decorate Your House With Eggs

Maybe you’re not the most social guy. That’s OK. World Egg Day can be celebrated by everyone except vegans. Take the jack-o-lantern inside for one night and replace it with an omelet. You can even arrange bacon on it so it will look like it has eyes and a mouth. You’ll be the envy of the whole block!

Romance A Woman With Eggs

Maybe you can’t make it to an explicitly egg-themed party tonight. If that’s the case, here’s a fun way to introduce yourself to a girl at the bar. Walk up to the hottest girl you can find. Tap her on the shoulder. When she turns around, say, “You seem like a real good egg.” If she acts confused, don’t worry. She probably just forgot it’s World Egg Day. That’s when you hand her an egg that has your phone number written on the shell. It’s that easy!

Go Egg Some Cars

Is there anything you can’t do with eggs? You can scramble them. You can fry them. You can boil them. Or you can throw them at the cars of your enemies. Why wait until Halloween to start egging cars? Do it tonight! Seriously, when’s the last time you egged a car? It’s been too long! Call up an old buddy from high school that you haven’t talked to in a while and see if he wants to join you. World Egg Day is all about rekindling old friendships.
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