Road Sign Warns Of Potential Zombie Attack

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While driving on the highway, we’ve all been bored by road signs that said something like “Road Work Ahead” or “Bridge Out.” It’s always the same old stuff from these road signs. That’s what drivers in Portland, Maine thought until they drove past a road sign reading “Warning Zombies Ahead!” Although some found it funny, not everyone was thrilled by this prank. Police and city officials are still looking for the person responsible, and who knows how many people turned around and called in sick to work. Did the person responsible pull a funny prank? Or did they criminally endanger drivers and tamper with city property? Decide below in today’s Idiot or Awesome.


Whoever did this clearly has never read the fable “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” Sure, it’s funny now. But what happens when the city government actually does try to warn its citizens that there are zombies at the next exit? People will get bitten by zombies. That’s what will happen. And don’t think this is an isolated incident because it’s been done before. Whoever did this won’t be laughing when he has to kill his own brother who is now a zombie because he thought the road sign was a joke. Furthermore, this poses a risk to national security. Now Al Qaeda knows that our nation’s road signs can be hacked. What if a terrorist decides to make the road sign say “Speed Limit : 1,000 mph”?


Without looking up any statistics, we can tell you that road rage is the number one cause of accidents, both on the road and at home. And what is the number one cure for road rage? Road laughter. Whoever pulled this prank may have saved countless lives by giving drivers something to laugh about. Also, we might as well laugh about being eaten by zombies while we can, because eventually the zombies will consume us all. There’s no stopping it, people. Zombies are not just a fad. They are an inevitability. In fact, maybe this wasn’t meant as a joke. Maybe it was meant as a warning. Let’s all go watch “The Walking Dead” and take survival notes just to play it safe. Thanks, anonymous hacker.

Idiot Or Awesome? Hacker Cries Zombie

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