Deranged Cleveland Bus Driver Uppercuts Combative Passenger

After an extended, profanity-laced shouting match, things turned violent recently between a Cleveland bus driver and a teenage female passenger. It’s unclear what starts the dispute but they exchange threats — the middle-aged male driver threatens to have his daughter and granddaughter beat her ass, while she says she’ll whoop them and have her dogs get him — and eventually the girl shoves the driver. That’s when things spiral out of control.

The driver shouts “you’re going to jail now,” gets up from his seat and approaches the girl, who takes a fighting position. Then without hesitation, he winds up and uppercuts her below the chin. The driver then grabs the girl by the hair, drags her to the ground and throws her near the bus exit. Whoa! So, so against Guy Code, dude!

“That’s a f***ing female!” one passenger yells. “I don’t care!” says the driver. “She wants to be a man, I’m gonna treat you like a man!”

Nope, horrible rationale. His jail cell-mates are going to treat him like a woman.

Other passengers don’t attempt to break the pair for 15 or 20 seconds after the initial blow. The video below was obtained by, and obviously it isn’t pretty. According to local WKYC, the driver has been suspended pending an investigation. “His behavior is absolutely unacceptable” the Cleveland Regional Transit Authority said in a statement. We’re pretty sure he’s getting fired.

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