Idiot Or Awesome? Senator Attacks Opponent For Playing ‘WoW’


Election day is almost here, which means the campaign tactics that candidates will use against each other will be getting more brutal. Of course we’re talking about the election for Maine State Senate between incumbent Republican Tom Martin and his Democratic challenger Colleen Lachowicz. Martin discovered that Lachowicz plays “World of Warcraft” as her avatar, Santiaga, a level-85 rogue orc assassin. What would any good politician do when they discover information like this? Ignore it because it’s just a computer game? Or release a mailer and launch a website detailing Lachowicz’s activity in ‘WoW’ forums to show that she is unfit to hold public office. Is this shrewd political gamesmanship? Or a pathetic attempt to get a few extra votes? Decide below in today’s Idiot or Awesome.


Martin is banking his reelection chances on voters appalled by Lachowicz’s gaming. Is he that out of touch? Most people are either gamers or have a relatives who live in their mother’s basement and game. He might as well come out and say he’s anti-Internet. Martin released quotes from some of Lachowicz’s posts in “WoW” forums. For example, “I love poisoning and stabbing” and “I can kill stuff and not go to jail.” If he thinks that kind of language is scandalous, he should try playing a 12-year-old in “Halo.” We’re guessing Martin isn’t that tech savvy. Does he really want to antagonize people who have the ability to dig up what he’s into online? We all have Internet search secrets.


Finally, someone with the guts to stand up and say that video games are for weird nerds, not state legislators. This move by Martin will motivate a frequently ignored voting demographic. Jocks. Jocks are going to come out in droves to support Martin. Even if some of them have criminal records and can’t vote, their presence alone will intimidate these video game nerds into staying at home and eating more chips. If you don’t like it, tough. This is how the game of politics is played. Rule # 1 of politics, if you can link your opponent to a murderous assassination orc, do it. It would be like having the first pick in your fantasy draft and not picking Arian Foster or Aaron Rodgers. When it’s all over it might not end up being the best decision, but everyone in your position would make the same choice. Also, old people always vote. And old people are terrified by computers.

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