Watch This Funny Video Before Watching ‘The Walking Dead’

The video is called “A Song for ‘The Walking Dead,'” and through music it tells a story about a guy who gives up a blow job to watch the Season 3 premiere of AMC’s zombie show this Sunday. Not a zombie blow job or anything kinky like that, but a knobber from his wife who appears in the video wearing lingerie.

You may be wondering, what the heck is Lil Duval doing in the scene? Well, he joins the chorus of disappointment over the man’s decision. The video was made by the director of “Guy Code,” Andy Stuckey (seen above on couch), and his music duo Stuckey and Murray. Consider the protagonist’s plight when you sit down to watch “The Walking Dead” this Sunday.

You can download the song on iTunes here.

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Brett Smiley (@brettsmiley) thinks this man made a poor decision.