Melanie Iglesias And Vinny Are Over #JustLikeThat

Credit: Getty Images

That’s how Melanie put it on Twitter last night, probably not long after she and Vin had “the talk.” Her relationship with former “Guy Code” cast-mate Vinny G (although they never made it official) only lasted about two months. We’re calling it official retroactively because Melanie said, “it’s over,” unless of course she was talking about the New York Jets’ short-lived comeback against the Texans on Monday Night Football yesterday. Maybe she was unimpressed with Vinny’s shirt — “Titties ‘N’ Beer” — at a recent party?

Melanie also had this to say, after announcing she had “a bit of a surprise.”

Stay tuned. And rejoice because this gives all of us hope (no matter how implausible) that we can date her now!

Check out this video from the “Jersey Shorepremiere party. A little after the one-minute mark, Vinny confirms that he’s “off the market.” What changed in a week Vinny?

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