Hood State Of The Union: What Would Rihanna Do

Credit: Splash/Guns and Ammo Garage

At only 24 years old, Rihanna has already lived one hell of a life. She’s sold over 65 million albums, was named by Forbes as the fourth most powerful celebrity last year, has a kickass underboob tattoo and inspired Drake and Chris Brown to engage in one of the most infamous hip-hop brawls of the last five years. Most 24-year-olds are still trying to figure out how to move out of their parent’s place.

In today’s “Hood State of the Union,” Charlamagne and Lil Duval sing the praises of this Barbados beauty and go so far as to suggest a new motto for everyone’s life, “WWRD: What Would Rihanna Do.” Sometimes that answer might get you in some trouble, but at least you’ll come through it looking sweet. At least, Rihanna always does.

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