Gaga Or Bieber: Who Puked On Stage Better?

Anything Justin Bieber can do Lady Gaga can do too. Last week Justin Bieber puked on stage in Phoenix, Arizona during a performance of his “Out of Town Girl” on the first night of his new Believe tour. If you missed it, Biebs turned his back to the crowd, hands on his knees and let it rip. It was a pretty solid stream that was apparently infused by milk, or at least that’s how Bieber played it off — with an “Anchorman” reference (milk was a bad decision) on his Twitter account.

Only a week later, Lady Gaga also vomited on stage! She did it in Barcelona and thanks to a loyal, shirtless male dancer on stage, turned it into some kind of performance art. It looks like she might have pulled the trigger rather than succumbing to her body’s mandate, and it took her a few more tries than Bieber to empty the contents of her stomach. But she didn’t leave the stage (from what we read), unlike Bieber who excused himself twice to manage the issue. So who did it better? Apply your own criteria and vote. We suggest proximity of dancers, duration, form, and so on.

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Brett Smiley (@brettsmiley) thinks if you’re gonna spew, you should spew into this.