Today’s Dumbass: Fake Cop Attempts To Rob McDonald’s

Photo: Pinellas County Sheriff

If not for Halloween or a movie or some themed orgie, there’s no reason to dress up like a cop and act the role. Still, someone compelled to illegally impersonate a cop ought to make it worthwhile. Meet 33-year-old Florida man Joseph Pineda (it’s always Florida or Texas). Real cops said that this past weekend, Pineda pulled a fake gun and badge and demanded free fast food at a McDonald’s drive-thru because he deserved free food, had just come from a sting and didn’t have his wallet. Hey now! Clearly this guy is not of the right mind, but why the heck would he attempt to steal $10-$15 worth of food from McDonalds?! And pull a gun? Did he ask nicely first? Probably not. This was a power trip or something. He’d have gotten into less trouble if he had skipped a check at an expensive steak restaurant. Certified Grade-A dumbass here, guaranteed fresh.

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Brett Smiley (@brettsmiley) isn’t sure why Pineda looks so chipper in his mug shot.