Tony Hawk Flows With Reddit In IAmA Session

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Skating and video game legend Tony Hawk took a dive with Reddit on Wednesday for an extended IamA question and answer session. Hawk discussed the highlights of his skating career, the evolution and impact of his video game franchise (and the soundtracks), skateboarding culture, his house (with a backyard skatepark) and more. Even at 44, the guy’s still going after it: he signed out of the session to try and nail an fs Ollie 270 over an 8-foot channel to switch crooks, then back in forward. Check out the Guy Code Blog breakdown of the Q&A highlights.

What is the proudest moment of your career?

Hawk: Probably landing the first 900. It marked the end of 20+ years of competing, and opened up new doors of opportunity to keep skating and promoting skateboarding in general.

What is one trick you never pulled off that you wished you did?

Ollie 720. I still try it sometimes.

What is your favorite trick that you invented? What is your favorite trick to do on flatground/street?

Ollie 540 is probably my favorite, because I really didn’t think it was possible when I first started trying it. My favorite flatground trick is varial heelflip because I can catch it the highest in my limited flatground repertoire.

How many bones have you broken?

Three: pelvis, elbow and rib.

What’s the hardest fall you’ve ever taken?

I crashed doing a full-loop ramp while shooting Wild Boyz. Concussion. Broken pelvis, fractured thumb and fractured skull in 2003. That day sucked more than anything had sucked before.

Would you consider Rodney Mullen as one of the godfathers of modern skateboarding? And do you still try to skate everyday?

Yes, Rodney created most of the modern flip tricks that we all take for granted. He was also the first person to do an ollie on the flatground. I skate almost every day. If not at home, then at my vart ramp. Here is my most recent video part.

How do you feel about the current state of skateboarding? How do you feel about what it has evolved into?

It’s amazing that we’ve come this far. Skating was considered lame and not a career option when I was young. Parents did not want their kids in such an outcast activity. It is exactly the opposite now. I am proud to have had something to do with that shift.

What was your favorite Tony Hawk video game? Also the record for longest grind?

My favorite in terms of symbolism is THPS2 because it established our games as a franchise and created skating as a genre of videogames. And it had Downhill Jam level (big fan). Dunno my record for longest grind, but I was one of the first to pull the Holy Sh!t grind in THPS1.

What is your favorite and least favorite level in any of the Tony hawk games?

One of my favorites (besides DJ) was Rio because I got the highest scores. I was never a fan of Venice because I thought the flow was weird. I like real Venice Beach better.

Do you get high Tony? Do you?

I do not. But people love to comment that I look stoned in many of my photos. Oh trolls, how I love you.

What does your car collection look like?

Lexus 600hL, Ford Explorer, 1964 Stingray

And he closed with this:

Thank you everybody for participating. I was trying to scroll and type as fast as I could. I would like to leave you with this auto-tuned montage of clips from Ride Channel. It is strangely hilarious.

Keep skating… or whatever you love doing. And please check out THPSHD if you get the chance.

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Brett Smiley (@brettsmiley) has never landed a 900 in Tony Hawk Pro Skater.