U.S. Presidents Who Could Really Fight

Credit: Charles Kogod/Getty Images

Since the presidential election is just over a month away, now is a good time to look back on the greatest accomplishments of past presidents.  We’re not talking about groundbreaking pieces of legislation, we’re talking about being a straight-up badass.  Our great country has been led by some of the toughest men to ever grace this Earth.  Here are a few:

1. Andrew Jackson

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Andrew Jackson was not the greatest president or the greatest guy, but there’s no denying that “Old Hickory” was one tough dude. Jackson fought in several duels. One of the most famous duels was against Charles Dickinson, an expert marksman. Under the rules of dueling, Dickinson was allowed to fire first.  The bullet lodged in Jackson’s chest.  Jackson then steadied himself, took aim and killed Dickinson.  The bullet remained in his chest until his death many years later.  In fact, Jackson was wounded so much in duels that it was said he “rattled like a bag of marbles.” As if that wasn’t enough, he also invited the public to the White House for a party after he was elected and totally trashed the place. It was almost like 50 Cent was president.

2.Theodore Roosevelt

Credit: Raymond Gehman/Getty Images

Before becoming the youngest president in U.S. History, Theodore Roosevelt spent time as a deputy sheriff in North Dakota.  Three outlaws thought they could get away with stealing deputy sheriff Roosevelt’s riverboat. They would have been better off taking Liam Neeson’s daughter.  Roosevelt pursued them for two weeks and got his boat back. After they were captured, Roosevelt kept guard over them for forty hours and kept himself awake by reading Tolstoy. Oh, Roosevelt also met and became friends with Seth Bullock while pursuing horse thieves. That’s right, the real Seth Bullock, sheriff of Deadwood, South Dakota.

3. Abraham Lincoln

Credit: Tom Brakefield/Getty Images

When most people hear about Abraham Lincoln, they think of him as the man who saved the Union or as a vampire hunter. But did you know he was also an amazing wrestler? When Lincoln lived in New Salem, Illinois, there was a gang known as The Clary’s Grove Boys led by Jack Armstrong.  The 6’4,” 285 lbs Lincoln didn’t like them too much. Armstrong and Lincoln decided to wrestle for supremacy. After Lincoln won, the rest of the gang tried to fight him. Lincoln offered to take them all on one at a time. Wisely, they backed away, because honest Abe would have destroyed them.

4.George Washington

Credit: Getty Images

George Washington wasn’t simply the first president.  He was the first president/former wrestler. When Washington wasn’t busy kicking the British back to England, he would spend his downtime wrestling American troops. He once beat seven consecutive challengers from the Massachusetts Volunteers. He was also 47 years old at the time. No wonder he unanimously won the electoral college.

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