Today’s Badass: WWE Star Daivari Rescues Train

Credit: Getty Images

Remember WWE wrestler Daivari? He was the heel who Vince McMahon cast after the September 11th attacks to symbolize American suspicions against the Arab world. In classic WWE fashion, Daivari teamed up with Muhammed Hassan as a pair of Arab-Americans who were fed up with all the profiling against Arabs. It was a very touchy subject to deal with at the time, but Vince found a way. Daivari’s storyline even managed to resurrect Hulk Hogan and that theme song we’ve all come to know and love.

Well, in every sense of the definition of irony Daivari was nowhere near the angry Arab-American he portrayed. According to TMZ, Daivari  thwarted some maniac in Minneapolis who threatened to kill an entire train of passengers. As a flurry of racial slurs were screamed out, an emergency button was pushed to alert authorities. However, Daivari was tired of waiting around and sprung into Badass Mode. He crept up on the jerk, slapped a choke hold on him, and threw him off the train at the next stop. He may not have been a fan favorite while wrestling with the WWE, but he is certainly a force to be reckoned with on the Minneapolis Metro Transit Rail.

Nowadays, you can catch Daivari wrestling for TNA under the name Sheik Abdul Bashir. He remains a heel, but something tells us that may change in the near future. As for the jackass who threatened an entire train, witnesses claimed that Daivari had clamped down so hard on him that he wet his pants. No word on whether Daivari’s theme played as he exited the train.

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