8 Rules Of Etiquette For Playing ‘FIFA 13′

Credit:EA Sports

Guy Code Blog recently dropped by the celebrity-filled launch party for the latest and maybe greatest version of EA Sports “FIFA 13” video game. Because soccer is a truly international game, it felt like a good opportunity to have some of the pros — gamers or otherwise —  help us flesh out a code of conduct for video game playing, or at least for FIFA. Beginning with the salsa dancing touchdown maker…

1. No farting in the middle of a clutch play.

New York Giants’ Victor Cruz dropped this nugget on us. “I by no means tolerate this sort of behavior in the house,” he said. So no, an unlikely goal or assist is not a legit reason to squeeze one out.

2. Trash talking will be tolerated and even expected.

“You got to be able to talk trash, ain’t no sucker s*** allowed,” said Snoop Lion (formally Snoop Dogg). “You gotta be able to talk it and back it up.” How does he get into an opponent’s head to psych them out? “I put money up. I like to go double or nothing. I am that much better than you are.”

3. Don’t sneak in a goal from the out-of-bounds line.

Said Alfonso Ramos, FIFA Interactive World Cup Champ: “I don’t like it when I’m playing someone and they sneak in a goal from the out-of-bounds line.” He also said he usually “smashes” anyone he plays with. We saw Alfonso with Snoop Lion toward the end of the evening playing FIFA 13. Wonder how that worked out for Alfonso.

4. Low quality “Party Favors” will not be tolerated when invited to play video games at someone’s home.

This one’s from Snoop. He added, “Don’t bring any bulls*** into my house when you come over.” We’re pretty sure Snoop has the pantry well stocked for those long gaming marathons. Your friends might more forgiving, so modify accordingly and bring even mediocre bull*** where appropriate.

5. No slamming the controller(s) in anger.

Victor Cruz apparently lives by the Gentleman’s Code of etiquette whether he’s playing on the gridiron or the virtual soccer field. He told us that he has a blackboard in his man cave that says “no excuses play like a champion.” He makes sure that anyone he plays reads the board to make sure they know what to expect when stepping in his home field.

6. Finish.

Rafa Marquez, Current NY Red Bull Star and former FC Barcelona star told us, “I usually turn off the TV when I start to lose.” Rafa added he doesn’t like to lose and his friends don’t like to play with him because of his habit for shutting it down. Still it’s better than having someone launch controllers.

7. Don’t admire your own work.

Cahill said he doesn’t tolerate pausing to rub someone’s nose in a good play or replay a goal. See chapter seven on “Don’t be a dick.”

8. Take your shoes off before you come into someone’s home.

NY Red Bulls star Tim Cahill said “It’s just common courtesy to do this.” Tim also doesn’t allow phones on when playing and expects a handshake at the end of the match. Like a Sir.

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