12 Self-Affirming Self High-Five GIFs

Photo: Tumblr

At first glance, it’s kind of sad and forever alone-y when a person gives himself a high five. But don’t pity the fool who self-fives, because that guy or gal is a person who looks loneliness or unwillingness or left-hanging-ness in the eye and says “f*** you, I’m going to do this thing myself.”  Thus, a self-affirming solo hand jam. In Barney Stinson we trust.

The mother of all self-fivers, Liz Lemon

Photo: Tumblr

Buck Showalter executes the rare simulated five followed by a self-pound

Photo: Tumblr

Bender does it the hard way

Photo: Tumblr

No look

Photo: what’swhat

Handshakes all around… all by himself

Photo: Gifsoup

The walk-off

Photo: Tumblr

 The front-clap self-five

Photo: Gifninja

Self-five with some emotion!

Photo: Gifsoup

Sort of…

Photo: Tumblr

… …

Photo: gifluv


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Brett Smiley (@brettsmiley) would rather self-five than not high five at all