Today’s Dumbass: Student Hospitalized From Butt Chugging

Credit: Sean Murphy via Getty Images

We get it, sometimes in college you gotta do what you gotta do to fit in. But there is a point when you just have to step back and say, WTF? Case in point: butt chugging. That’s alcohol through your butt hole. Trust us, not “everyone” is doing it. Just a few token dumbasses like this kid, Alexander Broughton, a member of Pi Kappa Alpha at the University of Tennessee who was hospitalized over the weekend with a .40 blood alcohol level.

Dude, you’re in the frat. Your colon already hates you. What type of chick were you trying to impress? “Did you see how many beers Johnny drank through his ass last night? He’s so hot,” said no girl ever. What was this kid thinking? Have fun shaking your new frat name A-hole Alex. There is no explanation for sticking a beer funnel in your butt. Why change what has worked since the beginning of time? Buy a thirty rack and take your beers to face like a real bro.

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