‘Guy Code’ Bonus: Flirting And Gambling [But Not At Same Time]

On last night’s Season 2 finale, “Guy Code” dissected the topics of flirting, gambling, pets and revenge. The cast had plenty of great advice and funny quotes about all of it, but they especially had a lot to say about flirting and gambling. Julian McCullough has been addicted to everything at one time or another, but he says gambling will screw your life up the quickest. Everyone knows gambling is a disease, but when you think about it, flirting is the same way. Plenty of people, male and female, cannot stop themselves from flirting, even when they’re in a committed relationship. Flirting can mess things up in a big way. The show’s producers gathered the extra flirting and gambling gems off the Cutting Room Floor and gave us this awesome bonus video.

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