Guy Code Approved: Doing It ‘Gangnam Style’

Unless you’ve been hiding under a boulder for the past couple weeks, you’ve heard the infectious, so-bad-it’s-good song “Gangnam Style.” South Korean rapper Psy is the mastermind behind the song’s bizarre music video, which is the latest YouTube sensation to go viral, an honor previously awarded to Rebecca Black‘s “Friday” and those two little girls singing “Super Bass.”

While “Gangnam Style” is fun, we thought we were already hitting our saturation point with it. Then we saw this video and we’re back on board. This is the official Guy Code-approved version of “Gangnam Style.” It wins over Psy’s version for two reasons: more hot girls in short skirts, no weird chubby guys. Nothing flashy or fancy here–just five sexy Korean dancers in impossibly high heels and awesomely skimpy clothes–and that’s perfectly cool with us. They even manage to make that awkward horse-riding move look sexy–something Britney Spears failed to do.

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Madeline Roth (@MadelineRoth1) attends THE Brohio State University