10 Pick-Up Lines For Talk Like A Pirate Day

Credit: Candela Foto Art/Kreuziger

You better be partying tonight in honor of the national holiday. It’s the 10th annual International Talk Like a Pirate Day–the only holiday where cheap rum flows like sadness at dive bars, eye patches are encouraged and stupid pirate jokes will earn you points with the ladies. After all, chicks dig that Johnny Depp swag. You can even get away with not showering and claim it’s because you’re “in character.” Since most of the ladies will already have heard two dozen booty jokes from “that guy” at the office, we’ve collected 10 new pirate pickup lines to help you out.

1. Thanks to you my peg leg is not the only wood around.

2. Wanna get out of here and walk my plank?

3. My ship is looking for a friendly port.

4. Don’t worry, scurvy isn’t an STD.

5. Your skull would look perfect on my crossbones.

6. I’d love to take you 20,000 leagues under me.

7. I can help you swab your poop deck.

8. I’m in need of a mermaid to strap to my hull.

9. Yo, ho ho! Hi, yeah you, hoe get over here.

10. You’ve got the tightest little scuttlebutt.

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