7 Football Referee Knockdowns [GIFs]

The NFL referees are being locked out, and teams are paying the price for it. So far this season, the replacement refs are botching calls that Stevie Wonder could make in his sleep. We know what you’re thinking though: why would the refs want to strike? They make bank, they get to yell at 90,000 fans in a stadium and millions more at home, and the uniforms make them ladykillers in the club. Well, there is that one thing…every Sunday, they have to spend four hours with three tons of armor-clad adrenaline machines, and they’re expected to be in the middle of the action, armed only with a whistle and a prayer. They get hit a lot. You’d want extra pay too.

Whether or not you sympathize with the refs, you love watching the refs get hit. It’s better than a crash during a NASCAR race and a glass-breaking slam dunk combined. That said, we think you’ll enjoy these GIFs of football refs – from high school to the pros – getting knocked the f*** out.

Pig Pile!

The Real Blindside

This Guy Didn’t Get Hit, But He Deserves To

Money Shot

Expensive Dentist Bill

This Even Happens In Futbol!

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Charlie Kasov (@charliekasov) is a stand-up comedian and writer based in Brooklyn, NY.