Today’s Badass: Jon Foo In ‘Bangkok Revenge’

Meet Jon Foo. Don’t make the Jon “Kung” Foo pun or else he’ll roundhouse-kick your teeth into the distant future. You might have seen him as Jin in “Tekken,” but playing a video game character in a movie isn’t badass. Foo’s performance in the new movie, “Bangkok Revenge“–which opens today–should make him the new name in cinematic ass-whooping.

Foo is half-Chinese and half-Irish, which really comes through in the subway scene, where he fights with the skill of a Chinese martial artist then just keeps punching people when they’re down with the skill of an Irishman. Also, Foo makes use of every part of a subway car for violence: pole, door, hand rails, etc. Anyone who’s ever ridden a subway has had the urge to beat the stinky piss out of someone on the train, so we can all watch Foo rip these dudes apart with both awe and jealousy.

The best part about Foo is that he’s come up in the Jackie Chan tradition but has a harder edge than Chan – like when Foo elbows through a dude’s rib cage. He’s also more realistic than Jet Li, but that might be because Jet Li looks more like a hair model than a ninja.

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Charlie Kasov (@charliekasov) is a stand-up comedian and writer based in Brooklyn, NY.