‘Guy Code’ Sneak: Smash Everything When Single

We don’t mean “single” as in what you check on a tax form. “Single” does not mean you’re engaged, but not married yet. “Single” does not mean you have a girlfriend whom you’re not really “that into.” It doesn’t mean there is a woman who thinks you’re committed, but you consider yourself “still on the market. ”

We’re talking about the type of single where you’re not committed to anyone and everyone knows it. Actually, you are committed to one thing when you’re single, committed to smashing everything! This is your chance to sew all wild oats and leave no regrets (other than a few crazy girls you wish you never called). The above clip from Tuesday’s “Guy Code,” airing on MTV2 at 11/10c, will properly motivate any man into putting on his lucky boxers and sticking around the bars until last call if necessary.

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