5 Best Movie Clips Of Chicks With Clips

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What is it about a gorgeous woman packing heat that gets us all worked up? It’s a high-octane mix of danger and sex and Hollywood has not ignored it. For decades we have seen hot chicks grace the screen with so much firepower that it gives new meaning to the saying, “If looks could kill.” Sure, Donnell Rawlings looks great with a shotgun, but we’d rather watch a woman shoot (even if she looked like Donnell Rawlings). There are countless movies featuring these femme fatales, but we managed to whittle it down to five of our favorites.

“Planet Terror”

If you’re gonna get your leg hacked off why fuss with one of those realistic looking prosthetic limbs when you can just attach a big-ass machine gun? Rose McGowan takes some pretty big steps toward wiping out those melty-faced bad guys. We wonder if Dr. Scholl’s supports bullets…

“Barb Wire”

We’re not sure which cannons to keep track of here. Pam Anderson fires on all cylinders as she, ahem, blows her way out of trouble in this scene from “Barb Wire.” By the looks of how she handles a pistol it’s no wonder why Tommy Lee fell in love with her.

“Sin City”

Rosario Dawson leads a band of lead-packing mercenaries against a ruthless gang of troublemakers. The only thing hotter than a beautiful woman blasting away at dirtbag thugs…is multiple beautiful women blasting away at dirtbag thugs.

“Aeon Flux”

Skin-tight bodysuit? Check. Automatic weapons that seem to never run out of ammo? Check. Charlize Theron looking sultry as ever as she completely takes over? Check and check.


This clip is all over the place, but we don’t mind. In fact, we are grateful it’s been edited to show only the good parts (Michelle Rodriguez‘s parts to be exact).

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