Rihanna Resurrects The Underboob Tattoo

Credit: Rihanna/Instagram

Almost a year ago, back when Lebron James was ringless and Snooki was baby-less, we introduced you to the brilliant underboob tattoo trend. All over the Internet, headless photos of girls taking awkward one-hand-holding-the-camera, one-hand-covering-the-boob self-snaps started appearing like manna in the desert; it was truly a blessing. Sadly, underboob tats went “out” a little too soon for our liking, getting replaced by permanent shoe tattoos and head ink.

But today we’re thrilled to announce the underboob has returned, thanks to Rihanna. Over the weekend, Ri-ri posted an Instagram picture of her new ink, an illustration of the Egyptian goddess Isis, which she said is an homage to her late grandmother. “Classy underboob” might be an oxymoron, but we’d argue that Rihanna’s is definitely one of the least trashy ones we’ve seen. And since she’s definitely a trendsetter, you can bet we’re going to be seeing a lot more underboob tats popping up soon. We’ll be watching and waiting, Internet.

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