Hood State Of The Union: Pacquiao, Mayweather And Dr. Dre

On Friday, we introduced you to the greatest new contribution to the Internet: the dream team of Charlamagne tha God and Lil Duval giving us their take on random pop culture happenings in “Hood State of the Union.” We’re already back with a second episode in which the guys discuss what will happen first, a Mayweather and Pacquiao fight or the release of Dr. Dre‘s Detox album, which we’re pretty sure is just an ancient myth.

Charlamagne argues that neither Mayweather nor Dre need to prove anything anymore because they’re both badass legends, and we think he’s definitely got a point. Besides, at this rate, is anyone really excited about either of those things happening? It might be cool if either of them did, but we’re not exactly pining for Dre to try reliving his long-gone glory days at this point. But let’s hear it from you. What do you think will happen first, the fight or the album?

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