‘Guy Code’ Sneak Peek: Fighting Younger Brothers

Younger brothers are God’s gifts to guys who just want to punch someone without repercussions. They’re like “get out of jail free” cards because it’s practically your job to teach him how to take a hit. He’s like your own personal punching bag, at least for about the first 15 years of his life. After that, you’ve got to make sure that the puberty gods didn’t bless him with Hulk-like genes, making him twice your size and leaving you in the dust and making up for all the years of torture you unleashed on him.

Just remember one rule about bro fights (we’re talking blood bros, not frat bros): stay out of their beef. When it comes to watching other brothers brawl it out over “Madden,” just let them be. Chris Distefano learned the hard way that trying to play “Mr. Peace Cub Scout” only leads to a two-against-one battle that you’re sure to lose, unless you’re fighting the Jonas Brothers.

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