NCAA Vs NFL: Who’s Got The Better Cheerleaders?

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In our ongoing quest to determine the superior brand of football, college or pro, we’ve already found that the NCAA has better mascots than the NFL. Today we turn our attention to those who always steal our attention–cheerleaders–and answer a question that has vexed mankind since the start of Internet: amateur or pro?

NCAA Cheerleaders

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The big difference between collegiate cheerleaders and their professional sister-en is age. These ladies are a few years younger and whether that’s a good thing or bad thing is left to you. Honestly, it’s hard for us to find a difference between 19-year-olds and 24-year-olds, except that the more mature are often, well, more mature. But that can work in the favor of the fresh-faced coeds, who’ve really got that innocent thing working for them.

: These girls are clearly gorgeous, but who’s that just out of the frame? A chubby guy who looks deceptively buff in his cheerleader uniform? That’s a buzzkill.

NFL Cheerleaders

Photos: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Photos: Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

If college football cheerleaders are the innocent girls next door, NFL cheerleaders are their sultry older sisters. Remember, these women were once in college too. Now they’re older and they’re smarter and they’re better. Largely because they’re women, not girls. And unless you’re casting a Disney show, women are always better than girls. Plus, the NFL has something college will never have: The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. They’re like the Dallas Cowboys of cheerleading!

Verdict: Older (as in, like mid-20s) is better.

The Victor: NFL cheerleaders are older, wiser and sexier. If they’re lucky, NCAA cheerleaders might one day get to be one of them. In this battle of amateur versus pro, the professionals win.

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