10 Awesome MMA Victory Celebration GIFs

Ah yes, the victory celebration. All of us have thought about what we would do after we knock someone out. The guy above apparently didn’t really think this one through. But we certainly have. It’s just too bad that we haven’t had a chance to show the world our funky chicken into a kickworm move before that damn Jamie Varner stole it. Nevertheless, the sheer exhilaration of turning the lights out on somebody leads people to do some crazy things. Some are well-thought-out theatrics ( Tito Ortiz) while other celebrations just kind of happen out of nowhere (Yeah Eder Jones, we’re talking to you). So we decided to round up some of our favorite MMA victory celebration GIFs for you to watch over, and over, and over again.

Mark Coleman’s “Leap Of Fail”

Eder Jones’ “Projectile Victory Vomit”

Roy Nelson’s “I’m A Sexy” Belly Rub

Rashad Evans’ “It’s The Big One” (c) Redd Foxx

Din Thomas’ “Harlem Victory Shake”

Anderson Silva’s “Brazilian Air Guitar”

Tito Ortiz’ “Diggin’ Graves Since 1997″

Jamie Varner’s “Sleeping Funky Chicken Kick Worm”

Ryan Jimmo’s “Pop, Lock & Drop It”

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Andreas Hale (@andreashale) dreams about the day when he can have a GIF made of him knocking someone out…not vice versa.