World’s First ‘Guy Code’ Tattoo?

Are you the biggest fan of “Guy Code?” Nope, that title now belongs to @AhDiBoom. Censaur Ah Di Boom, a New Jersey resident who bills himself as a hip-hop/pop/reggae artist, posted this photo online today, showing off his new tattoo and claiming the title as the show’s top fan. This is definitely the first permanent “Guy Code” ink we’ve seen. Not even Ryan Ling, the show’s creator, has one.

Judging from Ah Di Boom’s other photos from today, he got the tattoo in somebody’s backyard…

…Along with a shoulder tattoo of Super Saiyan from Dragon Ball Z.

Two backyard tattoos? One being of a Japanese Manga character? Did the world’s biggest “Guy Code” fan actually break Guy Code today? Watch the cast of Season 1 talk about tattoos in the video below and let us know what you think on Twitter or Facebook.

Guy Code Blog editor Ryan McKee (@TheRyanMcKee) only has backyard tattoos of Miley Cyrus.