‘Dr. Trill’s Take It In The Face’ Seminar Highlights

Last week we introduced you to Dr. Trill and his controversial yet highly effective “Take It In The Face” system. Maybe you’ve already started to incorporate the methodology into your everyday life. Ballers disrespecting you on the court? “Take it in the face!” Boss doesn’t remember your name? “Take it in the face!” Some trick using you to pay her rent? “Take it in the face!”

You probably don’t have the carrots yet to use to use the system after just one video. That’s OK. We know you’re weak. That’s why MTV2 and Guy Code Blog are working together to bring you more of Dr. Trill’s teachings. This week we have highlights of the master speaker in action, touching the lives of individual Trillionaire hopefuls with thought-provoking one-on-one guidance in front of the entire group. Use the knowledge and come back next Wednesday for another new Dr. Trill video.

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