36 Best Fantasy Football Team Names For 2012

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Out with the old: “Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe,” “Belichick Yo Self,” “Addai Another Day,” “Dead Sea Sproles,” “Forte Year Old Virgin,” “Sacks to be Cutler,” “The Playbook of Eli” and “Percy Whipped.” And in with the new. The best names for years past still hold a special place in our hearts, but new fantasy studs bring new material and funny/offensive/clever new names. Because it’s not enough to draft a team. We had to leave out some of the grotesque names, but below we’ve culled some of the best to hit the web, and added a bunch of our own. Tonight on “Guy Code,” the cast will tackle fantasy sports. RIGHT NOW — the best names in no particular order.

1. Vilma, the Bounty Hunter

2. Coples Therapy

3. Victor Carnival Cruz

4. I’m Just Schilens

5. Prater Haters

6. Kalil Me Maybe

7. Back That Asomugha Up

8. The ShawShiancoe Redemption

9. Multiple Gore-Gasms

10. Lynch, and Some Skittles

11. Sproles Royce

12. More Cushing for the Pushing

13. Rated R for Gore

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14. Britt’s Rich Bail-bondsmen

15. DeMarco, Polo

16. Brian Quick and the Dead

17. I’m Sorry Fred Jackson

18. Gerhart Attack

19. Eddie Royal with Cheese

20. Jersey Leshoure

21. All Torain Vehicle


23. Mike Tolbert and Ernie

24. Press Your Luck

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25. Osi It Ain’t So

26. I Pitta the Fool

27. In the Garden of Weeden

28. Insane Clowney Posse

29. Suh Girls One Cup

30. It’s on Like Ndamukong

31. Can’t Keep a Blackmon Down

32. It’s Gould, Jerry, Gould!

33. Forgetting Brandon Marshall

34. Rashard MendenFALL

35. Jacquizz Stains 

36. I Dream of Beanie