Most Awkward Icebreaker In College History [Video]

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Arguably the worst part about freshman year at college is having to do countless amounts of “icebreakers,” those embarrassingly nerdy “getting to know you” games. Teachers and dorm R.A.’s love them because they apparently think college should be more like middle school summer camp. What’s even more annoying, though, is when part of the icebreaker is to disclose an “interesting fact” about yourself. Do you tell all these random people about your secret obsession with “My Little Pony” or do you just stick to a generic, “I used to play goalie on my soccer team?”

In the latest mtvU “College Quickies” video, the NYU alumni comedy troupe Chess Club Comedy took a stab at making the most awkward icebreaker ever. From the girl revealing her favorite sex position to the guy who may or may not have killed someone, to the random suprise appearance by Mets star David Wright, we think they definitely succeeded. Check out the hilarious video above and remember, college freshmen: no one will make friends with you if you tell strangers you used to be a plushophiliac.

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Madeline Roth (@MadelineRoth1) threw up at her freshman icebreaker because she had a monster hangover.