Diplo’s ‘Set It Off’ Video Proves Pole Dancing Is Art

You know that super slo-mo camera that they always use during sports broadcasts? What if, instead of recording hulking dudes straining to hit balls, someone used it to film exotic dancer after exotic dancer sliding down an endless stripper pole for three minutes and 43 seconds? Well, Diplo and Laserdisk Party Sex are the geniuses who have done just that for their “Set It Off” video. Quite frankly, we can’t believe they beat the rap game to this idea.

As you watch these scantily clad women twirl in extreme slow motion (and watch you will, like 11 times in a row), it’s clear that pole dancing is truly art — there’s a graceful elegance, it’s a modern ballet, if you will. These lithe women have clearly trained for hours, making their bodies as limber and toned as possible in order to exude total grace on the pole. Perhaps now your girlfriend will understand why you admire the art and spectacle of stripping.

Of course, she’ll probably counter that just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it should be celebrated. To which you’ll probably respond, “That’s what she said.”

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