Back to School Guide: 7 Products Not To Overlook

Tomorrow night on “Guy Code,” the cast will be discussing everything guys need to know about going into their freshman year. While it’s daunting to be out on your own and dealing with a bunch of smart kids, there are even more things to be excited about: the first party of the semester, college girls, 2am road trips to greasy spoons, getting away from your parents’ rules and, of course, all the new gear you get to bring to school. Since there is so much to remember when going off to your first year of college, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to find the gear and gadgets you may have overlooked. You want to hit up your parents’ credit cards now while they’re emotional and willing to buy you most anything you need “for school.”

BiGR MLB Edition Headphones ($150)

Wherever you wind up going to school this year, you still need to represent your home team. Don’t even think about buying a crappy lid from the mega mall either. Check out a pair of MLB Edition Headphones from BiGR audio. They sound great, look cool and will drown out the sounds of your roommate and his special friend from Bio class…

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire ($50)

Grab hold of a Nerf N-Strike Hail Elite Fire and let the good times roll. Unlike other forms of stress relief, using the rapid fire N-Strike comes without the fear of losing an eye. With the ability to hold 144 soft Nerf darts, even your RA will be cool with this firefight.

Flying Alarm Clock by ThinkGeek ($20)

 The flying alarm clock offered by ThinkGeek is a great solution to get your lazy ass out of bed and out the door on time. Launching itself at the pre-set time, it hovers above while emitting an annoying sound. Once you get up and put the top back, it stops. Either way, you are up. Problem solved.

The Scumbag Backpack by Blind Chic ($150)

This bag starts out as a conversation starter and ends up being the most versatile carry-all out there. It’s made from tough maxed canvas and has enough room to store all your junk including the ability to haul a skateboard around campus.

Death Wish Coffee ($20 per Lb)

Forget about those silly little tin cans that promise wings. Death Wish Coffee is a must for any dorm room pantry. With two times the amount of caffeine than your average cup of Joe, its medium roasted beans will keep you going even if you partied the entire night before.

LIFEPROOF iPhone Case ($80)

An often overlooked fact about college is there are a lot of liquids involved. Whether it’s beer pong, a water balloon fight, a chemistry lab experiment, a beer bong, an impromptu wet T-shirt contest, a pool party–there are endless ways to ruin your iPhone. Spend the extra money for a LifeProof Case and cover your device from liquids of all sorts.

Octa TabletTail: Whale Kit($50)

TabletTail is a suction cup device that allows you to use your tablet/e-reader with one hand while keeping the other hand free for more important tasks. It can also be used to mount the your device to a wall, fish tank or even the ceiling if the need arises.

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Craig Goldstein (@techmywifeplz) wants to go back to school for cafeteria food and student discounts.