Poll: Which Is The Worst Guy Code Violation?

The very existence of the “Guy Code” means that there are certain jabronis who violate said code. While it’s never fun to be in the presence of a code breaker, it’s always fun to hear about them. Did they grow up taking cues from “Clueless” instead of “Goodfellas” or “Scarface?” Did their dads not impart enough manly wisdom? Do they just think they’re above the law like Steven Seagal? The reasons may differ, but the scourge is always the same: it shows a lack of character, a lack of loyalty and either stupidity or arrogance. Not ideal bro qualities.

So we’ve come up with the 11 most egregious code violations we could think of, 11 offenses that could end a friendship. And we want you to vote on which is the worst transgression.

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