Is Kobe Bryant’s Wife Becoming Michael Jackson?

Credit: Ronald Martinez/Vince Bucci/Getty Images

Women in the spotlight: we’ll never understand their pressures. But that doesn’t mean we have to understand their willingness to turn their faces into shiny, ductless lumps of clay able to be re-molded every 10 years or so. Kobe Bryant‘s wife Vanessa seems to be the latest to succumb to the temptations of botox and plastic surgery (though she denies having any work done).

We don’t know why these lovely ladies do that. The inevitable conclusion is that they’ll come out on the other end of the knife either looking like a cat or like Michael Jackson. As you can see from our detailed photo-analysis below, Vanessa went in for the Jacko treatment. Ladies, take it from us, no guy wants to see his wife turning into Michael Jackson.

Credit:Ronald Martinez/Getty Images; E. Neitzel/WireImage

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Carl Williott (@cwilliott) only believes in getting botox the old-fashioned way: from dented cans of Chef Boyardee.