Pizzabon Makes Cinnabon Seem Manlier

Credit: Twitter

Cinnabon is making a power grab. After 27 years, the food court staple is no longer content just to serve up late morning or late evening treats for moms doing back-to-school shopping and Gap girls on their coffee breaks. They want to entice guys forced to escort their girlfriends around the mall and pimply dudes looking to score some hot mall tail. So they’ve replaced the cinnamon and frosting usually found slathered on top of their buns bons and swapped in cheese and tomato sauce. It’s called the Pizzabon. Is that supposed to be pepperoni strewn across the top, because it looks kind of like overcooked bacon or maybe peanut brittle?  Also, we can’t be entirely certain that the photo isn’t just a close-up of a Bagel Bite. Still, we can’t wait to try it! As long as we can get past our fear of being noticed at Cinnabon.

Unfortunately, as Eater points out, the Pizzabon is only being tested in Cumberland Mall in Atlanta. So, men of Atlanta, be our guinea pigs. Go risk life and limb by ingesting the Pizzabon so that we may hear your tales of digestive battle! Godspeed!

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Carl Williott (@cwilliott) is keeping an open mind about the Pizzabon, because even bad pizza is better than no pizza.