New NFL Gear To Buy Your Girlfriend


When a woman wears a basketball jersey, it’s sexy. Sleeveless and tight, they fit right into that too-small dress/too-long shirt sweet spot. Baseball jerseys work too, because of the buttons. But football jerseys have always been lacking in the sexiness department. The girls might as well be wearing a parachute.

Until now! The NFL has launched a new clothing line that appeals to the lady fans of the league (or at least the guys who will be buying this stuff for them), presumably because Pittsburgh women need to replace their Hines Ward gear. You may be thinking, “Wait, didn’t the NFL already do this with Alyssa Milano‘s Women’s Touch line?” Yes. Yes they did. But THIS time, it’s called It’s My Team, and they rolled out even more high profile chicks (and even some NFL WAGs) to model the clothes. So here’s our guide to what you should buy your girlfriend if you want her to start cheering alongside you.

Condi Rice in the fitted jersey

Obviously, imagine a team other than the Browns.

Melania Trump in a tight longsleeve

Credit: Twitter

Leather hotpants in the NFL? What’s next, female refs?!

Serena Williams in the graphic tee

The look says “come hither,” and we’re guessing it’s directed at Chad Johnson, so she can destroy him.

“Dancing With The Stars” gals in vintage tees

Looks awfully similar to the “Women’s Touch” shirts.

All the girls in all the sexy football clothes

Pretty sure this was in a dream I had last night.

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Do they make that graphic tee in a men’s large? Carl Williott (@cwilliott) wants to know for a friend.