Scientific Study Proves Women Also Stare At Boobs

Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

And now we present science news that will get you out of the dog house: men don’t stare at cleavage because they’re horny dirtbags. Men stare at boobs because ALL HUMANS do. A new study in Science Daily says that men and women are equally likely to look at women’s bodies as a collection of parts ready to be objectified. Essentially, when looking at a female, we all go into Terminator vision mode, honing in on specific parts of her body and assessing them.

And not just the hot ones! Even when a hefty gal lets her chest-beefers hang out, we guys know that we still can’t stop ourselves from taking a peek. Well, women look at the ugly ones, too. This means that we’re ALL looking at ALL the cleavage. Sure, men are probably doing it to look for potential mates, and women are probably doing it to compare to themselves, but still. We’re all guilty here.

So the next time your girlfriend slaps you for checking out a woman right in front of her, you can call her out on the same violation. After all, did you ever wonder how she knew what you were checking out in the first place? Yeah, she knew what you were checking out because she was checking it out, too.

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Carl Williott (@cwilliott) wants to know how to get in on this study.