Travis Pastrana And Jolene Van Vugt’s Reddit IAmA

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Travis Pastrana  and Jolene Van Vugt of “Nitro Circus Live” stepped off their bikes and out of harm’s way to answer a whole bunch of Reddit’s questions before the premiere of the “Nitro Circus The Movie 3D.” The stunt duo covered a range of topics from injuries to stunt execution to how they’ve managed to stay alive. In case you missed the other Nitro Circus announcement goodness, MTV2 has renewed their show for a second season based on the crew’s European tour beginning in Stockholm, Sweden, so stayed tuned for updates on that. Without further adieu, check out the Guy Code Blog breakdown of the highlights from Travis and Jolene’s Q&A session.

Whats the biggest scare you’ve ever had?

Jolene: My biggest scare actually wasn’t doing a stunt myself, it was watching Jim and Tommy’s stunt go wrong in the 3D film and not knowing if Jim was going to be OK.

Travis: The biggest scare of my life is probably every time I BASE jump. I really enjoy it but I enjoy pushing myself and that’s not a place where you can make any mistakes.

What’s the closest to death you’ve ever been?

Travis: One time I fell asleep and woke myself up with a very loud fart which echoed through the church. I honestly thought my mom was going to kill me.

Jolene: Grand Canyon.

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What is the worst bone to break? Pain-wise, and healing-wise?

Jolene: I just collapsed a lung two weeks ago, never done that before… it was a pretty intense pain. When they cut your ribs open and stick a tube in your chest and you say “thank you” cause it makes the pain in your chest subside, that’s pretty bad. Lol.

Travis: Healing-wise there is nothing that takes longer then the scaphoid (also known as the navicular) bone in your wrist. It’s small and not very painful in comparison to other things you can break… but the lack of blood flow to the area makes it a four-month process.

What are your favorite stunts that you did for Nitro Circus?

Travis: My favorite stunt of all time in Nitro was launching into the Grand Canyon on motorcycles with Jolene and Jim and Roner. My favorite stunt in the movie was one we self-titled “chopper flopper.” In that stunt, we hooked a thousand-foot ski rope to a motorcycle and got pulled down a Slip n’ Slide at 75mph into a 25-foot-tall take-off ramp. We were launched 250 feet out and 70 feet high and gut hucked out of control into the air… some of us landed well but Tommy and Crum got worked!

What was your least favorite stunt?

Jolene: I’d say my mega-Slip n’ Slide launch to a 55-foot backslap into the water in Jamaica…

When going into a stunt. Is there often a lot of build up? Or do you typically find it better to just say f*** it and go?

Travis: Stunts are three parts. 1 – The idea phase… this takes time and usually an idea morphs a lot from the initial concept. This is when you do your research and decide what’s possible. You have to green or red light a project at this time and once you give the green light there is no turning back in Nitro Circus. 2 – The build… I really like to build my own stunts / ramps. A lot of times very slight differences in placement or angles can completely change how manageable the stunt will be. 3 – This is what you see on TV or in the movies… once everything is built and cameras are in place. I like to get geared up and go for it without any more delays or thinking. This is the “f*** it” phase! So, be careful what you ask for.

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