Taryn Manning Talks Boners, Sexting and Pregame

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Taryn Manning does a lot. She’s in movies–notably “Hustle & Flow” and “8 Mile.” She’s the lead vocalist of electro-pop duo Boomkat and she’s the co-owner of Born Uniqorn clothing. Her latest venture is a starring role in the supernatural web series “The Unknown” on Crackle.

“For me it felt a little like ‘Tales from the Crypt,'” Manning says. “I get to play this foxy publicist that has some mental issues. You’ll have to watch to find out more about it. It’s a completely different role from what I’ve ever played.”

With that series in the can, Manning is focused on her upcoming solo album, and oh yeah, she deejays on the side.

“I catch a lot of s*** from people that ask how can a celebrity be a DJ but a lot of people don’t know about my musical background,” Manning says. “I was raised in a musical family. No actors and nothing to do with theater. We were all about music. My older brother was a hip-hop head.”

Enough about her, let’s get her take on some Guy Code topics.

What are your rules to sexting?
Don’t ever send a picture. Period! That’s my number one rule and regret. It’s just not safe. People break up and get mad. After I did it, I beat myself up over it.

Do you pregame?
It’s cool as long as you can handle your alcohol. There’s nothing worse than going out on a date and your date is so belligerent that you have to take care of them the entire night. It can be fun but you have to do it right.

Are you for or against “bros before hoes?”
I’m all about it! I say it to my girlfriends because we’re the bros! Let’s say your homies–we’ll call them Mark and Tim– are interested in Susan. If Susan went out with Tim and now she likes Mark and Mark and Tim are tight, Mark can’t date Susan. That is a case of bros before hoes. But if it’s like, “My chick really wants me to take her out tonight,” then it’s hoes before bros. Especially if you guys haven’t been out in a while.

Is it dangerous for a man to go on a date with a “loaded gun?”
Wait, like a full chub? You know boner is like the worst word ever created! Wait, are we talking about sex on the first date?

No, we’re talking about a man unloading his gun before he has sex so he doesn’t false start.
Oh! I don’t go there for a minute so the guy that I’m with is good and ready. I guess it can backfire if the girl is really lame and you do all of that for nothing.

What is Taryn Manning’s Good-Ass Night?
It’s when the guy picks you up and you don’t know where you’re going and you don’t care. Maybe pregame at a happy hour then see an amazing show at the Hollywood Bowl. Then there’s some late night snacking involved. Finally, you get taken home the proper way and then you get to decide if you want to ask, “Do you want to come up?”

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