Shocking New Images From Mars Rover Curiosity

By now you’ve heard that NASA scientists have put another rover on Mars, called Curiosity, and are retrieving images from the Red Planet. Unfortunately, we were not impressed with Curiosity’s first round of photography. Nothing by itself is crazy or startling — your garden variety pictures from a Mars rover looking at piles of dirt about 173 million miles away. Where was the good stuff? So, Guy Code bloggers made contact with a source deep within the NASA operation, and in exchange for some baked goods and several hundred thousand lao kips, we were provided with the most shocking images ever captured by a rover or pretty much any camera in outer space ever. To be sure — these are totally real*.

Rick Moranis!

Nickelodeon Moon Shoes!

A Tupac hologram!

Charlie from “Lost”!

Arnold Schwarzenegger!

McKayla Is Not Impressed

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Brett Smiley (@brettsmiley) went to Mars once in a dream, and it was tasty.
Illustrations by Chris Marano.
*Totally not real