The 7 Greatest Beerbecue Games

The beerbecue represents the perfect marriage between beer drinking and barbecues. Both outstanding things in their own right, but together they form in indomitable force capable of destroying workweek angst and the wettest wet blankets. Some guys like to remain stationed in front of the grill and season delicious meats and foodstuffs. Other revelers should do their part and keep a fresh beer in his hand.  Then there’s other guys who like to lean back near a keg or cooler, rarely rising from a reclining position. That’s cool too. We happen to enjoy playing beerbecue games and we present the seven best after the jump, in no particular order.

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Photo: thebarnone

And if you don’t have actual horseshoes, improvise. Yes, these men are using toilet seats.

Wiffle ball

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Wiffle ball and not softball or baseball because someone will get hit in the face and bleed if you play with that equipment. Also, there’s not enough room in most backyards for a field of that size. One twist on wiffle ball: Put a keg on second and require anyone passing through to chug a beer.

Ladder golf

Photo:  wikipedia

Also called ladder toss or hillbilly golf, players take turns throwing “bolas” onto a ladder. They even look like a pair of testicles, so you know it’s a manly game.


Photo:  icebreakerwakefst

The beauty of this game is its simplicity. If you don’t know it and can’t figure it out, you’re probably drunk.

Flip cup

Photo: bensbiz 

One of the benefits of playing flip cup outside is an easier cleanup than indoors. If you want to be a professional (like the guys in the photos, apparently), you’ve got to practice in all weather conditions. Plus, ladies love flip cup.

Pool beer pong

Photo: premiumposts

You can even buy floating beer pong tables these days. At Sears! The key to beer pong in the pool is not drowning or swallowing water, which is particularly difficult if you decide to play extreme pool beer pong in the deep end.


Photo: Flickr/DrStarbuck 

Oh, bocce. How we love thee. Lure your opponent past that zone where he or she thinks the beer buzz has caused improved motor skills or a heightened ability, to a point where the person begins launching the heavy plastic balls around like a moron.

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Brett Smiley (@brettsmiley) is pretty good at bocce and even better at making kabobs.