What’s Your Geek Zodiac Sign? [Infographic]

Via Visual.ly


Tonight “Guy Code” tackles the mysterious world of astrology and horoscopes, a world that you may have to familiarize yourself with if you hope to bed certain mystical girls.  The Geek Zodiac chart will not help you in that endeavor. But we’re sharing it with you anyway, because it is the coolest.

The graphic pretty much covers every sci-fi/adventure archetype — if there’s a movie out there that dries up your girlfriend, its hero or villain falls under one of these 12 signs. Indiana Jones? Treasure hunter. “The Avengers?” Superhero. Every kung-fu movie ever? Ninja/Samurai. And, based on the chart, 2012 is the year of the Undead, which is not surprising to people who have been following all the zombie news. So take a look at the infographic and figure out which geek sign represents you (or which will turn off your girlfriend the least).

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Carl Williott (@cwilliott) lives in New York, where he stresses about keeping up with his RSS feeds.