‘Guy Code’ Sneak Peek: Who Invited The Vegan To The BBQ?

If you decide to give up meat for health, political or “girlfriend” reasons, that’s your choice. And if you want to feel like a recovering alcoholic at a keg party, you’re welcome to attend our weekend barbeques. You just need to understand that we’re still going to gorge ourselves on cow, pig and chicken off the grill. In fact, we may even enjoy it more with you looking on, since all you have on your plate is a soggy veggie burger and a limp Tofurky hot dog. We’re not even sorry about it. Vegetarianism is your cross to bear.

Check out what the cast of “Guy Code” has to say about vegans at the BBQ in the above sneak peek and tonight on MTV2 at 11p/10c, make sure to watch the full episode where they break down everything barbeque, plus pregnancy scares, hosting a friend in town, astrology and more.

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